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Kurt, from Washington, U.S.A.

Well, speak of the Devil! I posted yesterday with my anticipation and the deck arrived. I don't need to reiterate how great this deck is but I will anyway. It is lovely and even though I have only had a minute last night to look at it I get a good feeling from it. Every detail seems to be thought and taken care of. Thank you Yves for being so detail oriented and offering this deck to the public.

Amou, from Great-Britain

I have just received this beautiful deck. Amazing quality in the reproduction, obviously a labor of love, and anyone fortunate enough to acquire this deck will I am sure be as thrilled and captivated by it as myself! I cannot wait for the other promised decks!

Rasa, from Montevideo, Uruguay

Yesterday I was absolutely delighted to finally have my copy of this deck in my hands for the first time!!
I ordered one way back in January, and it was lost in the mail... but Yves was kind enough to send me another copy. What great customer service; thank you!! I appreciated the friendly communication as well as the quick attention to my concern when the first deck didn't arrive.

The cards are really spectacular... The images are so sharp, and the coloring very intense and saturated. Very deep reds, blues, greens, and yellows. There is also some lighter blue that looks like shadowing or shading in some cards, creating depth. It looks very 'clean' compared to some antique decks. It's lovely to look at the images and see crystal clear details that seem to be missing in the Conver and other later decks. One example is the Valet de Coupes clearly holding a hat in his hand, complete with a feather plume.. Unlike in some other images where that object is more ambiguous. I also noticed the big teeth in the lion on strength... It almost looks like he has dentures. The fish on the 2 of cups also have tiny little pointy teeth- piranhas maybe? I love it! Many of the people in the images have lovely decorative trims on their clothing, or extra frills and ruffles. They are fancier people than the average Marseille-deck citizen. They also have little heels on their shoes.

That reminds me of the Swiss 1804 deck from Meneghello (the shoes and clothes are one of my favorite details about that deck). The facial expressions are full of unique character. The Roy de Baston raises one eyebrow incredulously, the Reyne de Coupes looks at her cup with a penetrating kind of receptivity, and the driver of le Chariot is striking a pose and he wants you to know how handsome and great he is. The Hermit is skeptical, the Valet de Baston is determined, Temperance looks a little stoned, and the Reyne de Denier does not approve of your shenanigans at all. The quality of the packaging, as others have said, is superb!

The box is sturdy (and really attractive, too!), and so are the cards. I think they would easily stand up to many years of shuffling, because the cardstock is pleasantly heavy. The finish is smooth and not too glossy. It's similar to 1804 Swizzera from Meneghello, but more matte, and a bit thicker I think. The paper wrapper is a beautiful touch, and makes it feel really authentic. The cards all have their images well-centered, and they are cut very uniformly and evenly, unlike some other self-produced decks I've seen.

I also appreciated the sample of the Star card from the Millennium Marseille that was included in the box, and the personal note from Yves. My husband laughed when I picked up that Star card, because I uttered a very long "ooooooooooooooh!" because I think that has the nicest cardstock I have ever felt in my life! Wow! the texture! We throw around the word 'silky' a lot for nice cardstock, but I think that one really is super-silky. I just wanted to share all my thoughts, because the Madenié really is a special deck. I hope that a lot of people are able to get a copy, and that it will be the first of many fantastic historic decks with these excellent production values.

P. B. from Sheffield, United Kingdom

Got my Madenié today - many thanks for a beautiful creation, Yves.
My first impression is of delight - I like the feel of the deck, the sturdy cardstock, the surface of the cards. A different feel to the traditional decks I possess - it is as if the deck has leapt across time to me.


I just received your Chosson & Madenié facsimile. Excellent job. I love those decks. Very refined, traditional and intense. The quality of reproduction is stun-ding. No personal caprice of redrawing or re-coloring. I haven't seen the originals cards, but you can really feel, nothing has been altered. These are a must for any tarot reader who would like to bring depth to their approach. These are definitely decks I will use for readings myself. Thank you so much. Do you plan on releasing fac-simile of any other traditional decks?

Z. C. from Tokyo, Japan

I'm not the type to throw around adult-sounding words like exquisite, but it's certainly the first that came to mind upon receiving this deck this evening. What a fantastic production in every way. Vibrant and beautiful and... Really just wow. Thanks Yves for your hard work! P.S.: Oh, I'm only just reading the story on the extra card about how Pierre Madenié was from Dijon. I spent a good deal of time living in Beaune and working all over Burgundy, so this deck will be a lovely way to think back on my time spent there!

J. H. from California, U.S.A.

I just received my deck. WOW what a beautiful piece of work. It is a work of art. The box the cards come in is absolutely striking. It is heavy duty and BIG! I love it. The wrapper the cards are wrapped in is amazing, I love papyrus. The detail and amount of time it took to make this a true work of art shows everywhere. I was almost afraid to open it and hold them as to not tarnish them. The cards themselves need to be seen in real life. They are very high quality. The colors are elegant and the design looks amazing.

Merci, M. Yves! The "ghost" images are very interesting; they give the deck a haunting feel to them. The card stock is very thick and sturdy. I will have to learn how to shuffle them without bending them too much. This is a very special deck. I cannot wait to do some reading from it. You can see and feel the love that M. Yves has put into manifesting this work of art. Merci.

MoonGyps, U.S.A.

I received my gorgeous deck today, and I am so completely pleased and fascinated by this edition! What a treasure it is! Thank You so much, Yves! Can't wait until the Chosson is available! Greedy I am for these Precious Tarot Jewels! P.S. : : And the 2 part lidded box is so lovely and sturdy! No worries about flaps tearing and falling off here!

Matt, from San Francisco, U.S.A.

And mine arrived yesterday as well. Wonderful work! Those ghost images are fun. I also love the stippled black shading, it makes the images somehow more natural to me, almost as though drawn with pencil or charcoal.

Kathy, U.S.A.

I got my deck the other day. It is beautiful. I am pleased. I can feel the love and dedication that went into bring this deck to me. Very classy, nicely done, and will be enjoyed for many years to come. Beautiful presentation. Love the interior wrapping paper. Be at Peace.

Bertrand, Paris, France

Got the Chosson yesterday. I instantly felt it is a perfect reading deck! The Madenié is more beautiful, has a slightly stronger cardstock (not that much) and is a bit stiffer, but on the other hand the Chosson has an excellent size to shuffle and spread, its vivid and chaotic coloring makes it extremely lively, the lines are less the work of a virtuoso engraver but are very fluid and have wonderful curves, so it speaks a lot. In short: definitely a must have, a deck that can't stay for long in its box.

Ted, British Columbia, Canada

My two Chosson decks arrived as I was leaving for work, so I phoned in sick. Was that wrong? Thank you so much for all your work on the Chosson and Madenié decks. When I look at the photo reproductions of these old decks I am shocked at how many decisions the designers of "cleaned-up" versions of the Marseille have to make. And how many of those decisions I disagree with. It's so valuable to see the original cards in all their glorious ambiguity.

EnchantedShadow, U.S.A.

I've received my Chosson TdM and it's absolutely gorgeous! I immediately noticed that the card stock is slightly thinner than the Madenié facsimile which makes it easier to handle. The deck itself is carefully packaged in a two-part box and wrapped in a reproduction of Chosson's own wrapper with two beautiful Griffons.
The details and colors of this deck are simply amazing. Well done, Yves!

José, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Today I received the Chosson Deck. It is another wonderful deck for my collection. Once again you did a top quality work. Congratulations. Will be waiting for your the next deck. A Burdel deck? Best Regards.

Roger Scotland, Great-Britain

YES! It is another SUPER production too! Well done! Thank you very much for all your work making these wonderful Tarots! Put me down on the list for the first one of your next production, whatever it is! Thanks again and good luck with the Tarot sales…
Best wishes



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