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Wilfried Houdouin 2011   Yves Reynaud is a maritime inspector. Born in Montpelier (Hérault) in 1956, He lives in Marseille since 1982. Fascinated by esotericism since a long time, he's learnt the bases of Astrology and studied in depth numerology, as well as graphology. The symbolism and religious art, as well as the stained glasses are a part of his major centers of interest. The Tarot, and particularly the Tarot said “of Marseille”, interests him by its symbolic and aesthetic riches. Since 2004, he particularly concentrates on the historical Tarots which he collects with passion. Yves Reynaud also makes iconographic, genealogical and historic researches on the Tarot of Marseille, that of its master cardmakers, the city of Marseille and others. Realizing with Wilfried Houdouin the importance of the initiatory and cultural legacy of the Tarot of Marseille, as well as the rarity of the preserved copies, he decided to create Tarot of Marseille Heritage, and to produce facsimiles of the most beautiful historical Tarots. These decks, among which that of Pierre Madenié, realized in Dijon in 1709, was the first one, will constitute a new collection of historical Tarots of reference, republished with utmost respect for the characteristics of the original editions.


Wilfried Houdouin 2011   Wilfried Houdouin is a professional graphic designer. Born in Gouvieux (Oise, France) in 1971, he lives in Marseille since 2001. Fascinated by the Tarot since the age of fifteen, he acquired his first Tarot of Marseille at nineteen, and did not since stop studying it, practising and teaching it with a growing passion. He was formed in the graphic arts, in Paris at the end of 1980s, and obtained a stone-cutter's professional certificate in historic monuments restoration, in Angers 1992. He was formed in 1996 and 1997 in infography, and then became a professional computer graphic designer. His researches in philosophy, history, sacred geometry and cosmology, brought him to rediscover the original structure and nature of the Tarot of Marseille, actually constituting a symbological model of the Universe. These rediscoveries, associated with the mastery of the graphic softwares, allowed him to realize the Tarot of Marseille Millennium Edition, and to write The Sacred code of the Tarot, the first work of a series to come, dedicated to the metaphysical and symbolic tradition of the Tarot of Marseille. His works website is : www.tarot-de-marseille-millennium.com

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